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Boston Market is a chain of restaurants that was founded and started in the year 1985 at Newton, Massachusetts. It then spread to Florida where the second store was established. Having its headquarters in Golden, Colorado this chain is known for its presence throughout Northeastern United States. With a chain of 530 owned outlets and franchises it has its hold in almost 28 states and employs 14000 people (as per 2007 statistics).
Though a specialist in rotisserie chicken, they have expanded their menu to include a variety of side dishes, turkey, ham, sandwiches, meatloaf etc. Boston market takes home-style cooking far beyond and has emerged as one of the pioneering leaders in quick-casual dining. You can also find a variety of veggie dishes like mashed potatoes, macaroni, cheese and stuffing. Boston markets cater to cafeteria style of serving with done in seating arrangement and drive through and take away service.
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In partnership with Major League Eating, Boston market has come up with a totally new and exciting contest called the “Boston Marathon” this campaign involves a fulfilled competition wherein one needs to completely devour 3 whole chickens, 8 cornbread pieces, 2 pot pies, 6 side dishes and any 2 desserts of their own choice within one hour and without any help from friends or others.
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Boston market also provides nutritional information on the items ordered and also meals within 550 calories for all those diet freaks and health conscious customers. This way they satisfy the taste buds of almost all and are able to cater to individual needs and desires. They also provide information about the various possible allergens that may be in their food and advice customers to inform beforehand if they wish the dish to be prepared void of these ingredients. These may include milk, soy, wheat, gluten, peanut, eggs etc.
Some of their sumptuous dishes include southwest styled chicken in grilled form, turkey breast with or without stuffing, beef steak, Swedish meatballs, pot pie chicken and many more.