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Buca Di Beppo Coupons

Buca Di Beppo or its rough translation Joe’s basement is a typical southern Italian styled restaurant chains having more than 50 outlets in America. This restaurant has a traditional serving style… the food here is served for a whole family a la carte and then shared by individuals. But don’t worry, there are individual dishes as well that you can order. The menu at the restaurant is heavily inspired from authentic Italian dishes as they were prepared in the villages in northern and southern Italy.


The interiors of the restaurant is quite unique with each room is designed according to a specific theme. All the outlets also have a kitchen table and a table for the pope also! They also have made use of many classical and vintage style framed pictures and placed them all over the restaurants. You can count almost thousands of those in a single outlet alone! The most interesting element is found in the restrooms. The men in the men’s restroom can hear women having animated conversations and women in their respective restroom can hear men conversing with each other. There is no hole in the wall! These conversations are pre-recorded but certainly offer something different!

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