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California Pizza Kitchen Coupons

California pizza kitchen or CPK is a world famous casual dining chain that specializes in what else but pizzas! But if you are in the mood for some traditional pizzas, then this place is not for you… California pizza kitchen is very popular, but not for its traditional and authentic pizzas but for their new, creative and innovative pizzas! This exhaustive chain has outlets in more than 30 US states and almost 9 countries!


Following a simple décor, these restaurants are designed around an open kitchen that has the trademark wood-fired oven. Once there, you can try their original BBQ chicken pizza, Thai chicken, BLT, or Jamaican jerk pizza… you won’t be disappointed! You can also indulge in different varieties of salads, pastas and desserts. How can we forget the kids, they serve an extensive kids’ menu specially taking the children’s tastes and interests in mind.

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