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Claim Jumper Coupons

After a long day at work what more can be more pleasing than a dinner at a restaurant that offer a calm, serene, warm and comfortable dining with wonderful and delicious food? Welcome to the Claim Jumper chain of restaurants. Founded in 1977, they are spread around US in about 46 locations while headquartered in Irvine, California.
The menu at Claim Jumper offers a wide variety of steaks and appetizers, fresh fish, chicken rotisserie, baby back ribs, salads, pasta, pizza, burgers, sandwiches, pot pies and more. Their serve size is large portions and serves various beverages including tongue tickling cocktails that go well with their yummy delicious and fresh food.
This American restaurant chain believes in serving freshly cooked food that can satisfy the whole family and take care of not just the hunger but the connoisseur inside you. For this reason most of the outlets also allow a customer to watch as the food is being prepared.


The ambience at the Claim Jumper is very relaxing and warm with the interiors like the authentic logwood chairs, colorful tiffany lamps, moving wind systems and rich fabrics accentuating to the mood. They also have the happy hours for their fully equipped bar from 3 to 7 p.m. on Mondays to Fridays.
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Join the Claim Jumper club to avail information on various deals, promo offers, promo codes, coupons codes, specials, events organized and other exclusive offers. On sign up you also get a complimentary offer for a small dessert bite.
If you are using a coupon code or a promo code of Claim Jumper coupon while placing an online order be sure to provide the information before you begin to order so that the bill can be adjusted accordingly. The eclub members also can avail special gift card offers.
There is also the “Little jumper’s club” for kids aged 12 and below and on sign up your kid is entitled to a free sundae, free meals on his/her birthday and also would be informed on the various events and promos for kids.
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