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Fuddruckers Coupons

Founded in 1980 in San Antonio, Texas Fuddruckers is known as one of the world’s best hamburger makers. This American food chain has its head quarters in Austin, Texas and has expanded to serve over 37 states around United States vide their 226 plus outlets. They operate vide the franchise mode. The theme within the restaurant reminds one of the rock n roll of the early 50’s and 60’s.
Fuddruckers are specialized in their burgers and they make their own burger buns thus the smell of freshly baked buns wafts throughout the restaurants and add on to the ambience in providing a pleasant dining experience.
Fuddruckers have their own special large patties that one can order for their burgers and also a specialized self service counter that lets you choose your own toppings and cheese. There is a saying at Fuddruckers that their burger combinations are as limited as your imagination levels.



When you order for the burger all you get first is the base burger bun, again choice of buns ranges from plain to one among their specialties, this is then taken over to the toppings counter to add on the veggies, seasonings and cheese toppings, once again with a wide range to choose from. You can choose to have multiple cheese toppings or even prefer nacho cheese.
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You can also sign up for Fuddruckers eclub “Fudds” which keeps you updated on their various promos and events as well as coupon offers. Alternatively they also send up the promo coupons directly to the members for certain events.



On signing up a customer is entitled for a free hamburger coupon for his/her birthday and also a surprise every year on the day you signed for the membership.
Since they operate mainly through franchise mode the coupons and offers may differ from outlet to outlet and they may have separate offers running. So choose on the nearest location for knowing their deals and availing the coupons and confirm with the outlet regarding validation of coupon and participation in the event.
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