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Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Coupons

Ruth’s Chris steakhouse is a fine dining restaurant serving steaks among other delicacies. This unusual name has a very interesting story behind it… this restaurant chain is owned by a single mother Ruth Fertel who had in mid 60s bought a restaurant called Chris steakhouse. It was in the contract that she has to retain the name – Chris steakhouse, so she retained it and added Ruth’s in front which resulted in the chain being known worldwide as Ruth’s Chris steakhouse!



Their signature dish is the USDA prime steaks which are served at a sizzling temperature of 260 degrees Celsius… their special touch is to add some butter before they take out the dish… by doing this they add another sizzle to it. The restaurant also offers various kinds of entrees made from the freshest chicken, fish, lamb and sea food. All the outlets also offer a private dining room for some cozy moments.

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