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Olive Garden Coupons

We’re going to start this page with an anecdote. Now, websites generally don’t trumpet their intent like that, but this is an anecdote we think is worth it. There were a bunch of young adults who were debating about where to go out to dinner together. The bulk of them were in the higher end of their teens, up to about twenty, but a few who had entered their twenties cast the deciding vote for Olive Garden—and why was that? Because, one said, of the fact that Olive Garden had the best wine out of the restaurants in the area. Now, seriously? What really should have made their decision was Olive Garden restaurant coupons.


Maybe that’s a big consideration for you, the selection of wines (we’d suggest Napa Valley for that, though). But when we talked with this pack of people a little later on, it turned out that what had really gotten them all to agree was that the food was delicious. When we suggested that with Olive Garden restaurant coupons they could have had that delicious food for a better price, they got to be pretty ecstatic. So we shared with them what we’re going to share with you: the way to find those coupons.

First, you have to realize that Olive Garden, just like any business, wants people to give them money. Now like any business, they trade goods and services for that money—and when it comes to Olive Garden, those goods and services take the form of very delicious food and quality wait staff. But is that all there is to using your Olive Garden restaurant coupons or Red Lobster coupons? Not quite. Because once you realize that, you realize that coupons come in all different styles, with discounts differing from week to week. So you have to be patient. That’s the key!

Our young adult friends made a hasty decision on somewhat narrow of criteria. If they had waited a bit and hunted down some Olive Garden restaurant coupons, they could have saved a little cash. And at that age, saving money—or getting free stuff, whichever thing the coupon happens to do—is a big deal. But we don’t just want to tell you about how wonderful Olive Garden coupons are. We also want to tell you about how wonderful the Olive Garden is—remember, we didn’t disparage their decision. Just the way they made it.

Because, let’s face it, the story still had a happy ending. They still ate at the Olive Garden, which is quite a delicious restaurant. And you know, even though they didn’t look for Olive Garden restaurant coupons, they did have a great time and some really great food. So when it comes time for you to head out to the Olive Garden, definitely look for discounts. But also remember that even if you can’t find any right now, check back later—and in the meantime, Olive Garden is still one of the best little slices of Italy that you can find around.


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